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Chrome Review Screenshot 1 [19008]Taking place in the 22nd-century Chrome is a sci-fi themed first person shooter. You play the game as Bolt Logan who is a mercenary. As soon as you start the game you dive right into the action. During the first mission with partner Ron “Pointer” Hertz, he betrays Logan. Logan has to fight his way off the planet and live to fight another day. While he is trying to get off the planet alive, he runs into Carrie. Not much is known about her at this point in the game. Even though she is a mystery they team up together to get off the planet.

The story doesn’t end there. Logan discovers that his partner “Pointer” felt that Logan was holding him back. His desire to prove his superiority causes him to betray Logan and leaves him to die. Carrie is a computer hacker and becomes Logan’s new partner. Together they travel through space going on different missions. While they go on different missions together they uncover a bigger plot that involves Chrome. Chrome is a valuable resource, but that is pretty much all we learn about it. All we know is that two corporations are after it. Logan and Carrie take on missions from both corporations. Eventually, Logan must make a choice between both corporations and choose a side.

Most of the levels in Chrome have objective-based missions. There are various tasks to complete in each mission and you travel to different planets to complete them.There are a variety of weapons at your disposal to complete your missions. When you take down an enemy you can steal their weapons and other items they have.Having objective based missions and having a variety of weapons at your disposal is typical for most FPS. But be warned that you can only carry a limited amount of items. Riffles, rocket launchers, pistols, and submachine guns are just some of the weapons available. Logan can’t carry two heavy weapons at once because of inventory space. You spend most of the game figuring out what weapons to take and which ones to leave.

Chrome Review Screenshot 2 [19009]Not being to carry a variety of weapons at all times does make the missions harder. If you have to decide between two heavy weapons and choose to leave the wrong one, the decision could cause you to fail the mission. I learned that the hard way. Many times I choose to leave the wrong weapon and died. If you don’t do a quick save you will have to do the entire mission all over again. Which leaves the replayability factor low. When playing Chrome on the PC it can be tricky to hit the quick save button, aim, and  hit the left mouse button to attack your enemy all at once. The enemies don’t stop just so you can save the game or take a look at your inventory. You can’t do any of that when you hit pause either. The inventory menu and quick save are separate from the pause menu.

The PC controls for Chrome are pretty much all over the place. The tutorial in the game didn’t explain how to access all of the controls such as how to change weapons. I had to download the game manual from Steam to find out exactly what they were. You will want to change the control settings to shoot and aim. The PC settings automatically have the left mouse button to shoot and the right one to aim. Leaving them on the default settings makes it impossible to do both at once. It took me a bit to master the controls and I had to look at the manual a lot. The controls being scattered all over the keyboard made the missions harder than what they should have been. Many times I just wanted to use a regular controller.

The missions themselves were action-packed and fun to play. If they get too easy all you have to do is change the difficulty level. Chrome doesn’t have any boring moments in it. Thanks to the open world environment you have more freedom to complete the mission the way you see fit. Each mission has a different location and various tasks to complete. During the first mission, one of your assigned tasks is to take over the tower and take down all the enemies before they get into the base. There is always something to do in the game. Chrome doesn’t make you guess as to what you have to do. You will want to do a quick save during each mission or will have to redo the mission from the beginning.

Chrome Review Screenshot 3 [19010]The game was released about 10 years ago. So the graphics don’t exactly compare to today’s standards. Even though the graphics are outdated, it is a minor issue. Chrome has a good story line, tons of action, and you can change the difficulty to the level you want. The biggest issue I had with Chrome was the controls and replayability. If you die for any reason and don’t quick save, all your hard work goes down the drain. It is pretty easy to forget to save. It is also very easy to die in the game. If you don’t follow directions that will also cause you to fail the mission. All those elements give Chrome low replayability. The controls didn’t quite make sense, were hard to use, and almost impossible to figure out without the manual. Chrome has potential but is rough around the edges. Overall a decent FPS but certainly not the best.

Score: 5/10 – Average

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