Eversim Launches Rulers of Nations

Eversim LLC announced today the launch of Rulers of Nations, the ultimate geo-political simulation for PC, which lets players become one of a host of heads of state from nations across the globe. Players are immediately confronted with significant and ever-changing world situations requiring immediate action – just like real life – and they must quickly react to the resulting consequences of their actions.

Among many of today’s real-world challenges in Rulers of Nations are the U.S. budget deficit, the crises in Afghanistan and Iran and the persistent problem of climate change. Other critical issues are creating energy sources from solar to deep-sea oil drilling, managing refugees after a catastrophe, colonizing countries and buying black market weapons. Budding leaders will also face complicated and challenging scenarios of economic wars, armed conflicts, forging diplomatic alliances, spying, treason, and terrorist attacks.

Rulers of Nations, created by using the new Version 2.0 of Eversim’s powerful and most realistic geo-political game engine, is played on a detailed 3D world map showing 8,000 cities in 192 countries in a visually stimulating user interface with multiple windows and on-screen video inserts. Each country has current data on 400 key factors (economics, energy, monetary, military, etc.) based on current data from 50 international organizations including the United Nations, G20, NATO, NAFTA, and OPEC. Players can go solo or with friends (up to 16 online players) and decide if other human or simulated Heads of State are your friends or enemies.

Rulers of Nations offers a small taste of its in-depth strategy with a personality test at the official website, which is available at:


Players answer 16 multiple choice questions on a wide variety of topics and are scored accordingly. A final percentage number (50%, 75%, etc.) shows the chances of the player’s success as a Head of State. The minigame is also playable on Facebook, via this application:


Rulers of Nations is available from today at retailers in DVD-ROM format, and online in digital format. Versions in French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Russian are available today online at www.rulers-of-nations.com. The English DVD-ROM version is distributed in North America by Enteractive Distribution Company.

More detailed information is available on www.rulers-of-nations.com

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