Bit.Trip developer working on new 3DS game

Gaijin games, creators of the brilliantly exuberant Bit.Trip series on Wii, have announced that they are currently working on a new 3DS game.

Though currently hard at work on Bit. Trip Fate, Gaijin founder Alex Neuse has told Brash Games that his studio is also working on a 3DS title, which we can expect to see sometime around March next year.

“[Gaijin Games] just recently got our 3DS dev kit, and we’re working on a 3DS project. But we’re not quite ready to say exactly what it is yet,” said Neuse.

While the team is currently known for its unique downloadable titles, Neuse hinted at prospect of releasing a full-priced game, stating “it’s not totally decided, but we’ll probably go retail.”

What kind of game would you like to see Gaijin create for 3DS, or would a 3D version of Bit.Trip Runner suffice? Let us know in the comments thread below…

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