PSP Go set for price cut this Friday – leak

Sony’s PSP Go looks set to receive a substantial price cut in the US this Friday, if a leaked retail document is to be believed.

The document, which appeared on Joysiq this morning, suggests that the PSPgo is to have its price cut by $50 in the States, dropping the retail price to a more reasonable $200.

Since the PSP Go’s launch in October of 2009, Sony has struggled to sell the device, running several promotions offering gamers the chance to download the best of the PSP’s library free of charge.

Sony has yet to comment on a PSP Go price cut, and no word has been given as to a price drop in the UK.

So, then, would a PSP Go price cut tempt you? Why not let us know in the comments thread below?

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  1. Liam Pritchard October 13, 2010