Military aircraft simulator now available on DSiWare

Video game publisher Zoo Entertainment, Inc (NASDAQ: ZOOG) today announced that the DSiWare air traffic simulation game Armada is now available for download on the Nintendo DSi Shop for 500 DSi points. In Armada, players take command of a military aircraft carrier to safely land and refuel fighters, bombers and medical helicopters.

As players master their skills at managing flight traffic on a busy aircraft carrier, the action in Armada quickly intensifies as they avoid deadly collisions, battle turbulent weather conditions and engage the enemy. With their reputation on the line and lives at stake, players will need quick thinking and smart strategies in order to protect and direct the military aircraft to safety. With enemies plotting to surround the carrier and sabotage the mission, it’s time to take control and prove yourself a hero!

Armada is rated “E” for Everyone and is now available for download from the DSi Shop for 500 DSi points. To access the DSi Shop, players simply connect their DSi system to the Internet, then visit the DSi Shop from the DSi Menu.

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