30% of Xbox owners buying games on XBLA.

According to James North-Hearn, the CEO of Foundation 9 (the parent company of the developers behind Outrun Online Arcade etc), 30% of the 40-50 million Xbox 360 user-base are not only signed up to Xbox Live, but also purchase games from the service,

“We estimate there are about 16 million game purchasers out there currently. The 360 numbers are somewhere between 40 to 50 million, depending on who you listen to. It’s pretty healthy. 30 per cent of the hardware base is not only online and using Xbox Live, but it’s all those and buying games.”

These encouraging figures combined with the ever increasing popularity of PSN have led Foundation 9 to believe that digital distribution is the future of the medium,

“We’re strong believers that the market will move to both online and to digital distribution at some point, almost exclusively.”

Well, the PSP Go arguably proved that the world isn’t quite ready to go download exclusive just yet…..the figures are impressive though.

Personally, the thought of not being able to buy games in store, complete with case and manual makes me a little depressed.

Could you live with a download exclusive console?

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