Infested Fallout: New Vegas gets patched

Fallout: New Vegas, follow up to 2008’s Fallout 3, has so far been met with mostly positive reviews by critics and gamers alike, but complaints are surfacing detailing a whole list of bugs that are hampering play across consoles.

Youtube is already alive with videos of some of the bugs, ranging from floating objects and animals to surreal and frankly creepy glitches, like the rotating head of a character at the very start of the game.

A patch is now readily available for PC owners, which will download automatically putting an end to “quest and scripting issues” – and yes, you can say goodbye to the rotating head man now. Bethesda are apparently ‘working on’ a quick fix for the console versions if problems persist for players.

Players who were also experiencing issues with the digital pre-order bonuses on the PlayStation 3 have also had their problems solved, with codes apparently now working if re-entered.

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