Ivy the Kiwi? – Hatching in the UK

Rising Star Games is delighted to announce Ivy The Kiwi? will be available to buy next week, Friday 29th October. The game for the Nintendo DS and Wii is the latest creation from legendary games creator Yuji Naka.

Using a storybook-style presentation, Ivy the Kiwi? follows the adventures of a lonely baby bird searching for her mother. By traversing various stages and navigating through the obstacles that stand in her way, Ivy follows the trail of feathers with the hope of reaching her parents.

The game has been designed to make perfect use of the Nintendo DS and Wii controls, as players place vines to help guide the wandering baby bird through each puzzle-themed level. There are over 100 stages for DS and Wii, with multiplayer modes available.

“Ivy The Kiwi? is a fun and exciting game, created by legend of the industry Yuji Naka” says Martin Defries, managing director, Rising Star Games. “The game really has Mr Naka’s stamp of quality and shows off his incredible character creativity. With the game out this week, I hope fans enjoy it and log on to the Hoshi website to let us know what they think of this great new title.”

Ivy The Kiwi? is available to buy on Nintendo DS and Wii from Friday 29th October.

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