Deus Ex paying the bills for the next decade?

The CEO of Square Enix Yoichi Wada has revealed in a recent interview with MCV that the company hope to get at least 10 years worth of sales out of the Deus Ex franchise.

With Deus Ex: Human Revolution not even on the shelves yet, it looks like Square Enix already have plenty of plans for a potential successor.

Human Revolution will be only the second sequel since the originals release back in 2000 on PC. By the sounds of things, Square Enix are looking to turn Deus Ex into a more financial based franchise than it has been in the past,

“Deus Ex 3 is something we’re trying to revive. We want to keep on producing profit from that IP for the next ten years.”

I wouldn’t expect Deus Ex to become the new Madden or anything but if sales for Human Revolution prove impressive, a 2-3 year cycle could very well be on the cards.

What do you think? The more Deus Ex the better?

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