Rare almost went to Activision.

Ed Friers, the former Vice President of game publishing at Microsoft has revealed that before Microsoft eventually snapped up Rare’s services for a cool $375 million, a bidding war took place that very nearly saw Rare join up with Activision.

In the interview with Develop, Ed Friers confirms that not only did the bidding war take place but for the longest time, it looked like Rare to Activision was a done deal,

“They made the best initial offer, and Rare looked at both of us and, from the way I saw it, was more interested in partnering with Activision. I think it’s because they wanted to be third-party, independent of all platforms.”

He doesn’t seem to know what happened next, but from what he is saying, it looks as though Microsoft were certainly second best and it was only after things went tits up with Activision that Rare decided to go with Microsoft’s millions.

With Rare’s output proving mixed at best since its move to Microsoft, it’s interesting to imagine how different things could have been if they had joined Activision.

Would you like to have seen Rare join Activision or are you too busy looking forward to Kinect Sports to care?

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