Today sees the dawn of a new revolution as Fable III launches in Europe

Today sees the dawn of a new revolution as “Fable III” launches in Europe, exclusively for Xbox 360, from Microsoft Game Studios and Lionhead Studios. A gripping action-adventure that builds on the great battles and agonising decisions the franchise is famous for, “Fable III” sees players embark on another epic journey of choice and consequence as they strive for the ultimate power as King or Queen of Albion.

Featuring jaw-dropping action sequences and gripping, fully immersive storytelling, it is the ultimate “must have” game for action-adventure fans this Christmas.

“What we’ve done in ‘Fable III’ is evolve storytelling in games to create an immersive world that combines action, adventure, humour and drama that fans of all walks of life will enjoy,” said Peter Molyneux, creative director of Lionhead Studios. “We’re putting the power into your hands as you rise from rebel to ruler. Whether you rule with benevolence or an iron fist, the whole world is at your disposal and you’ll feel the consequences of your actions like never before.”

In “Fable III,” the relationships, allies and enemies you cultivate, in addition to the promises you choose to keep or break along the way, will determine the fate of those in the world of Albion. Delivering action-adventure like never before, gameplay features include:

  • Dynamic single-player and cooperative modes: Whether shared with a friend on the same couch or enjoyed over Xbox LIVE,* you’ll be able to rule the world with a friend or loved one thanks to the revamped co-op modes in “Fable III.” Get married, have children (or adopt), venture into a business deal or live the sweet life of royalty together – “Fable III” invites you to live a life of your own design.
  • Riveting narrative: Define history and create lasting relationships as you’re catapulted onto the revolutionary road that will determine whether you’ll be the greatest ruler to ever live or the most reviled of villains. Watch the world evolve around you with every choice and consequence. With absolute power, who will you become?
  • Ultimate action-adventure: Whether it’s leading the fight on the battlefield or staking claim to the throne, “Fable III” sets the stage for an unparalleled action and adventure experience that will appeal to all gamers. With an updated, seamless and sophisticated one-button combat system, fans of all skill levels will master the art of war in no time with weapons and hero morphing, spell weaving, ranged attacks and melees with the ultimate finishing moves.
  • Interactive 3D menu interface: Endless lists and menus are things of the past. In “Fable III,” you’ll be able to interact with your collectibles, wardrobe, weapons, property and more through a sleek 3-D interface that comes to life before your eyes. You’ll be able to manage the revolution as your butler, Jasper, seamlessly manages your inventory and provides guidance and a little witty humour to your hero.
  • Hollywood voice cast: Taking immersive storytelling even further, “Fable III” features characters voiced by Hollywood’s brightest stars, including John Cleese, Simon Pegg, Michael Fassbender, and Academy Award winner Sir Ben Kingsley.

Available on October 29, fans who purchase “Fable III” will receive in every new copy a one-time-use Xbox LIVE redemption card that will grant access to exclusive downloadable content:

  • Call forth undead minions to your aid with the Raise Dead Potion
  • Extend battle time for more attacks with the Slow Time Potion
  • For the fashionably conscious, try on and keep the Scot Male Hero Outfit or the Scot Female Hero Outfit
  • Looking to get inked? The Highlander Tattoo Set will be perfect for your hero or heroine
  • With the Red Setter Dog Skin, you can transform your faithful furry companion into a whole new breed

“Fable III” is available in a Standard Edition (£49.99) and Limited Collector’s Edition (£59.99) at retailers across the region. The Limited Collector’s Edition offers a bounty of exclusive content, including a new quest, exclusive in-game location, “Fable III” playing cards, a Guild Seal Coin, the Boxer dog breed and a unique outfit for your male or female hero.

Fans of the franchise in the UK can sign up to “Fable III: Kingmaker”, a free geo-location mobile game which is available for download now. The game allows fans to pledge their support for the Royals or Rebels and plant flags for their faction using their mobile, ultimately earning gold which can be used in the full “Fable III”. With over sixty thousand players across Europe, Fable III: Kingmaker will run until January 1st giving you ample time to stash the cash! Visit for more information.

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