Battleground Europe Game Servers Down

Battleground Europe game servers were brought down last week in order to release the newest 1.32 update.

WWIIOL players will now have access to an exciting new feature: Player Built Objects. Created to give  ground troops more variety in their game play, these new objects that can be built on the battlefield by players: The Infantry Fighting Position, the Gun Emplacement, and the Forward Resupply Unit.

These objects give players new options in defensive and offensive combat. These objects, the first of many planned, will create new and exciting tactics on the battlefield, and pave the way for future potential objects such as minefields, pontoon bridges, flak mounts or landing strips.

The v1.32 update will also launch new pricing plans offering convenience and saving for players. With a new monthly plan as low as $12.99 per month, players can experience unlimited WWII era MMO combat on a large scale map of Europe. In addition, new players can now sign up for the all access Free Trial with no credit card required.

A full read me of the features included in v1.32 as well as game updates, pricing plans and announcements can be found on our website at

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