Black Ops, Zombies and JFK…everything you could want in a game.

“It appears the White House has been breached”…………….”Zombies”

The delivery of that one word….”zombies” is reason enough alone to check out this video.

Oh, and if that doesn’t float your boat, there’s JFK, Fidel Castro, Robert McNamara (he’s the ex-US Secretary of Defence) and Richard Nixon…yep, Richard bloody Nixon finally teaming up to fight off hordes of zombies in Call of Duty’s ingenious Zombie Mode.

Oh, the Daily Mail are gonna have a freakin’ field day with this one.

Although arguably a tad tasteless, the ingeniously subtle comic tone and fact that, hey, they’re fighting off zombies will hopefully…….hopefully deter the right wing from getting too worked up about all this.

For everyone else – check out the awesomeness below –

Bagsy Tricky Dick.

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