How To Justify Your New TV

Okay, so you perhaps you have a non-gaming girlfriend, or a bank balance teetering on the edge of oblivion, but goddammit, you want a new TV.

That first generation HDTV just isn’t cutting it any more. Of course convincing others is no real difficulty, the real trouble arises when you feel you have to justify it to yourself. Much like any large, unnecessary purchase, sometimes you need a little helping hand.

Here’s a few I’ve been using.

1: “If I buy a 50″ TV with a sweet home audio system, I won’t ever have to fork out for a cinema ticket again.” In fairness, I don’t think I’ve been to the cinema in about 4 years.

2: “I’ll have the advantage at Call of Duty: Black Ops, ‘cos I can see better.” We all know this is a downright lie. A convincing one, but a lie, nonetheless.

3: “They’re not going to get any cheaper.” True, but it’ll still break my miserable bank balance.

4: “It’ll impress visitors, especially lady ones.” I don’t need to even start on how woefully incorrect this one is, but hey, I’m taking everything I can get here.

5: “My old one is probably near to dying anyway.” Aaaah, one of the best. You can even tag on the, If-I-sell-my-old-one-now-I’ll-make-some-money-back-on-it line for double justification power.

So, regardless of how you do it, enjoy your new TV. I know I will… if I can get it home, that is.

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