343 Industries working on Halo: Combat Evolved remake?

HAL CE 300x225 343 Industries working on Halo: Combat Evolved remake?Rumour has it that 343 Industries, the team formed by Microsoft Game Studios to take the place of Bungie, are busy at work on a remake of the much loved Halo: Combat evolved.

Industry chatter also suggests that the potential remake, created using the Halo: Reach engine, could be with us as soon as Q4 2011. With the originals 10th anniversary falling next November, I wouldn’t surprised to see it pop up sometime around then…..if it’s actually being made that is (which it obviously is).

With fans eager for a Combat Evolved remake since Halo 3 and Sony’s HD reissues proving so popular expect this rumour to be confirmed in the not too distant future………also expect sales to be absolutely huge.

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