Free demo of Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective released by Nintendo

In advance of the impending release of Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, Nintendo and Capcom worked together on a free demo available here on the official Nintendo website.

Ghost Trick is a DS adventure game placing you as Sissel, a man that wakes up to find himself dead and with no memories to recall why. Levels take place surrounding someone that has died, where you travel four minutes before their death in order to prevent it from happening.

This is done with the use of Ghost mode which allows you to move through objects, and Ghost ‘Tricks’ which allow you to interact with objects in significant ways to advance through the levels. Sissel is accompanied by a young detective called Lynne, who was present at Sissel’s death.

Shu Takumi, creator of Ace Attorney, was lead developer for Ghost Detective – and his impact shows. Sissel’s personality appears very close to Phoenix Wright’s (the main Ace Attorney protagonist), and the ingenuity and humour of the game’s puzzles and story that featured so prominently in the Ace Attorney games appear to be present in Ghost Trick.

The game was already released in Japan in June 2010, being the second-best selling video game on its release week, but sales soon fell despite critical success. The game is slated for release in North America on January 11, 2011, but release in Europe is less clear, said to be some time this winter.

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