Zen Pinball: Paranormal DLC – PSN Review

Since the initial release of Zen Pinball back in 2009, Zen Studios have supported their spectacular game (see our review) with six unique and brand spanking new tables available through the PSN store. Each costs $2.49 and are all as diverse as the first four included on the game. This DLC is by no means a cheap way to milk extra dollars out of a game, and the Paranormal table definitely proves this by being just as in depth as the previous tables, if not more so.

The Paranormal table’s environment blends a dark castle setting with graveyards, the Loch Ness monster, gargoyle-like creatures, and pretty much anything else you associate with being the least bit scary. The story’s setting is following stereotypical 1950’s detectives trying to solve mysteries and whatnot. Obviously, no one really plays a pinball game for its story, but there it is regardless.

The download content does not change the game in anyway, it simply adds a new table to select from the main menu. Due to this, Zen Pinball’s sharp gameplay physics and wealth of customization are all still available for the new table. And since the Paranormal DLC doesn’t come with the initial game, your odds of finally cracking the leaderboard increase dramatically. Who doesn’t want that kind of recognition?

The Paranormal table’s price is fair at 1/4th the cost of the original game, (which included “four” tables. See the logic there?), and provides the same painstaking detail and uniqueness found in each of the previous tables. The Paranormal table is without a doubt worthy of a  purchase, especially if you are remotely interested in the premise of it or have tired any of the previous tables. The same long load time still exists at the initial startup, but that is to be expected as the Paranormal DLC doesn’t change the game, it simply adds a new table to it. And a pretty darn cool one at that.

Score: 9/10 – Excellent

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