Post Christmas Blues With Leftover Doritos

So, Christmas is over, and you’ve blown your emotional and financial wad on the quasi-religious spend-a-thon that we’re increasingly – and erroneously, in my opinion – calling the ‘holiday’ season. What do you do now that you’ve exhausted yourself with all the motion control games you got for Christmas?

Firstly, do a little dance in celebration of the fact that we have a good… what, three months before you start seeing people listing how many ‘sleeps’ until Christmas on their Facebook page.

Secondly, download a couple of free – yes people – free, Xbox live titles. Remarkable not only in their ‘freeness’, but also in their quality. First up is Dorito’s Crash Course. This is kind of like Trials HD for kids, only it’s not for kids, and doesn’t have dirt bikes in it. You control your avatar on a series of progressively difficult courses akin to Ninja Warriors, with some silly bits thrown in for good measure. Seeing as it’s free, and of a decent enough quality to not to make you feel annoyed at using the space on your machine, there’s no real need to review it. Just download it, and start having a huge amount of fun with your mates.

Following that, do the same with Harms Way. Although it doesn’t have Doritos in the title, it’s a result, like Crash Course, of a Doritos game-making competition. This is more along the lines of Mashed, and sees teams of two – one turret shooter and one racer – race (and shoot) against each other in a series of competitions. Although there are some niggly problems with leaderboards and online matchfinding at time of writing, this is still well worth the download, as it has the potential to be one of the best multiplayer competitive titles out there, if you have enough friends online.

Without anything mindblowingly good thus far this year, it’s titles like these that will see your Xbox get a little more varied usage than simply revisting well-played CoD maps. As a side note, while you may have picked up that I’m not a Christmas fan, presents like these are always welcome in my house.

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