Aliens: Colonial Marines coming in 2011 after all?

Earlier this week, Gearbox confirmed that they were still working on Aliens: Colonial Marines. While this was greeted with many a whoop and a holler, the initial chat seemed to suggest that there was no chance of the game being released anytime in 20101 – cue boos and hisses.

Since then, Randy Pitchford, the CEO of Gearbox has stated that the folk over at NeoGAF may have interpreted his previous statements incorrectly and that a release date some time in 2011 certainly wouldn’t be out of the question,

“I haven’t discussed anything specific regarding Aliens: Colonial Marines with anyone beyond emphasising how passionate I am about the title and how committed my studio and I are to making it great. It looks to me like whomever made that post on NeoGAF made an interpretation that could be misleading or inaccurate”.

While no kind of release date was mentioned, the fact that he went out of his way to clear the matter up suggests that 2011 might yet be the year that we finally see Aliens: Colonial Marines on shop shelves.

Here’s hoping.

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