PSP2: Sony finally announce full details

Sony have finally revealed that the PSP2 is real.

At a Tokyo press conference this morning the Japanese electronics giant unveiled their new handheld console, which they claim will be a more powerful system with more diverse control and media options and PlayStation 3-quality visuals. Here’s a run down of the major points about the new machine:

– It’s currently codenamed NGP (Next Generation Portable).

– It will be out this “holiday season”. (No confirmation yet on whether this is just in Japan or worldwide).

– It has a five-inch OLED screen with four times the resolution of the orginal PSP’s.

– It has duel analog sticks (proper, small analog sticks this time, not like the nub on the first PSP), front and read touch pads (the rear touch pad is the same size as the NGP’s screen), a d-pad, the standard four PlayStation face buttons, shoulder buttons, a start/select button and a PS button.

– It has Sixaxis controls and a three-axis electronic compass.

– It will have front and rear cameras.

– It will have intergrated 3G and WI-FI.

– It will feature a new flash memory-based card system for storing full games and add-on content.

We’ll have more on confirmed games for the new system soon.

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  1. Mark Hildreth January 27, 2011
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