New Fallout: New Vegas DLC announced

In an unsurprising announcement, Bethesda have revealed that three new Downloadable Content releases are planned for their post apocalyptic RPG Fallout: New Vegas over the coming months. The didn’t however, specify what any of them will be about other than they will each be released simultaneously on X-Box 360, PC and PS3.

Given the publishers commitments to DLC releases on Fallout 3 it’s not exactly unexpected news, and though there are scant details at the moment, a recent trademark filling did seem to hint that these downloadable expansions will be named ‘Honest Hearts’, ‘Lonesome Road’ and ‘Old World Blues.’

Curiously, news of Microsoft’s exclusivity deal with any future DLC released for New Vegas seem to have gone up in smoke. As well the PS3 and PC gamers getting their mitts on the new content at the same time as X-Box owners, the previous X-Box exclusive DLC release of ‘Dead Money’ is also planned to hit PS3 and PC this February 22nd.

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