Great games on a budget – Sega Rally (360/PS3)

With game prices still relatively high and the number of quality games seemingly forever on the rise, it’s easy to miss out on some of the hidden or unappreciated gems that managed to slip onto store shelves all but undetected.

This blog is aimed at highlighting some of the best deals that the web has to offer while also bringing your attention to a few classic games that perhaps slipped under your radar first time around.

Sega Rally (or Sega Rally Revo if you live on the other side of the Atlantic) was created by a crack squad of world class racing game developers brought together by Sega with the aim of updating classic Sega racing titles while still retaining that old Sega magic that made them such big hits in the first place. On that basis alone, Sega Racing Studios one and only release was a massive success.

While the game is home to a solid online component and unique Geo-Mod technology that changes the course and subsequently the optimum racing line in the process, it is the beautifully realised arcade handling and traditional Sega blue skies that are the games real trump cards.

Sure, the number of tracks are kind of limited and the AI can be pretty damn brutal at times, but this is a game that encourages practice and course memorisation (just as a classic arcade racer should).

The point is, for a game as good as anything you are likely to find at £1 a pop in your local arcade (should you be lucky enough to have a local arcade), paying £6 to play this title in the comfort of your own home should be a no-brainer and with Sega Rally Online just around the corner, picking this up at a bargain price will give you a head start on what will likely prove some pretty brutal competition.

So, check out the link below and buy it – I promise, you won’t regret it.

As Arnie would say – “Do it, do in nooow!”

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