E3 2011: Kinect Makes an Impact at E3 Yet Again

For the past two years, Microsoft has produced an E3 Press Conference with a strong emphasis on it’s Kinect hardware. This year they wanted to show that the device was for more than just party titles, and showed integration in some of the biggest third party titles.

Most notably was Mass Effect 3 which was announced to utilise voice control for both squad combat and conversation trees. Though you are still only substituting voice for button presses, it’s a neat way to use Kinect in one of the biggest franchises on the market.

Next up was Ghost Recon: Future Soldier where Ubisoft have taken a different route with their Kinect applications. ‘Gunsmith’ will allow players to customise their weapons using full motion and voice control. They also announced that every future entry in the Tom Clancy series will feature Kinect support.

Probably the only other ‘hardcore’ title shown with Kinect support, Fable: The Journey seems to be an on rails ‘shooter’, though here you are using Magic rather than Guns. It may not be exactly what fans of Fable or those looking for a full Kinect experience are looking for, but it may be enough to tide fans over while they wait.

The rest of the games shown, including Kinect Sports: Season 2, Dance Central 2 and Star Wars were more of the typical games we have seen in the past two years, with awkward fake family units having a ‘fun’ time with Kinect. It was disappointing that Microsoft once again put so much focus on this, as it was obvious that fans wanted some true hardcore titles.

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