E3 2011: Project cafe? You mean Wii U right?

No shocks here then. The Wii 2, or Wii U as it’s officially now known will be arriving in 2012 with the much rumoured touch-screen controller. With a six inch screen, the controller can either be used to show inventory items etc while playing on screen, as seen in the Zelda demo shown on stage or can be used to play the actual games on the screen in “roaming mode”.

Although the image on screen is not in HD, as hi-def image is said to be available when it is connected to an high definition television.

On top of the screen and the usual array of analogue stick and face buttons, the Wii U controller also has a built in camera, thus opening up the possibilities for the device even further (think that is the first time I have ever referred to a controller as a device).

According to Iwata-san, the aim of the new console and controller is to “serve every player” with an equal emphasis on the casual and the core gamer planned.

As for the name, well, this is what Reggie Fils-Aime had to say,

“In thinking about a new Nintendo system we knew that prevailing thought would be this: yes the game would probably still be right for all of us but can it also be a perfect fit just for you? The answer to that question is an emphatic absolutely. In fact we’re so convinced of it we put that pronoun in the name.”

Deep stuff aye.

Despite Reggie’s marketing guff, I actually think it’s a clever name. It keeps the all important Wii moniker while still emphasising the company’s goal for their latest piece of hardware…..clever boys.

What do you think? Wii U floating your boat?

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