Call of Duty – will the hate ever amount to anything?

If we believe everything that we read, then there can be no doubt; everybody hates Call of Duty. There may be a few staunch supporters amongst the enraged online posse, but for the most part, hatred for Activision’s all conquering FPS seems to be one of the few arguments that will bring the online world together in unison.

The problem is – the facts just don’t add up. If everyone hated Call of Duty so much, it stands to reason that the game wouldn’t be all that popular. I mean really, who’s going to play a game that they clearly abhor? Well, based on the online figures for Call of Duty (and I’m talking about every one released since Modern Warfare), you would have to say quite a few.

No other game this generation has come close to the kind of online dominance enjoyed by the call of Duty series. Take a look at the online charts for the PS3 and 360 and not only is the recently released Black Ops rocking the top of the charts (and by quite some margin I might add), but there’s still space for Modern Warfare 2, World of War and even the 2007 released Call of Duty 4 amongst the most played online games.

The fact of the matter is – people can’t get enough of Call of Duty. For all the hate and negative comments, a large majority of those same people bad mouthing the series on a regular basis must be doing so between rounds of team death match on the latest Annihilation map pack. Gamers are often quick to bad mouth but often a lot slower to back up their words. I’m not saying that there is no one out there brave enough to back up their words but I will say one thing – a lot of gamers are flat out full of shit.

It’s just the way of things though – not only is there the natural element of wanting to knock the king of the hill off their perch but there’s also, and probably of greater importance in this instance, the fact that gamers will attack games and series that they deem to lack innovation with often unnerving dedication. The problem with this (as is so often proven via sales) is that innovation often doesn’t sell and despite the calls for something new and different, the large majority of gamers will retreat to the warm embrace of the familiar as soon as they get the chance. Case in point – Call of Duty.

While exciting, unique approaches are still released, the majority fall by the wayside while the tried and tested once again sit proudly atop of the charts. We can all blame developers and publishers for feeding us the same content in shiny new packaging but we’re the ones who continue to gobble it up. And you know what makes matter worse……I’m just as bad as the rest of you. I’m not a huge Call of Duty fan, I’ve criticised it for its lack of innovation and shooting gallery gameplay but y’know what – I’ve bought every single game in the series…..guess I’m just as full of shit as the rest of you.

Oh, and there’s one other thing – despite what you (and I) may want to believe; Call of Duty is actually pretty damn good.

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