Summer of Arcade hops over to PSN

It’s a well known fact that Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade has been far superior to Sony’s alternative for a while, but the PlayStation Network is now fighting back in the form of the PLAY scheme. Similar to the Xbox’s Summer of Arcade, the promotion concentrates on smaller games than your average off the shelf title.

Every game purchased from the PLAY scheme will be supplied with a free piece of downloadable content, and for the extra keen, a free theme if you pre-order at least five days before release. Those of you who will buy all four games before the 19th of September will get a free copy of Payday: The Heist, which will be released commercially on the 20th of September. PlayStation Plus members will get a 20% discount of each PLAY title they buy, so the savings really continue.

The first title to hit the PLAY scheme will be Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition on the 23rd of August, it will include a DLC which unlocks Gill and saves you from completing the game with every character. The next DeathSpank game The Baconing, in all its light-hearted glory is up next with a 30th of August release date.

Renagade Ops will be hitting the PC, Xbox and PlayStation in September.

September the 6th will then see BloodRayne: Betrayal break onto your screen, personally, my mouth is watering in awe. Purchasing BloodRayne will get you a few free gifts too, a shiny new PlayStation Home avatar and a smashingly exclusive dynamic theme for you to gawk at, sweet.

Renegade Ops will finish up this frenzy of gaming delight on the 13th of September and hand you a free Vehicle and Character pack for the game. From looking at some in-game videos of this vehicle-based shooter, it is set to take the PLAY scheme out with an almighty bang.

You can pre-order from the 9th of August and remember, to get Payday without loosening the purse strings, you will have to purchase all four PLAY games by September 19. So go on, get at it and what-not…

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