Call of Duty: MW3 multiplayer goes up a notch

Infinity Ward, the developers of Modern Warfare 3, have revealed full details of the multiplayer features in their upcoming shooter. Apparently, there are “more changes to the game than ever before”, damn. Infinity Ward’s creative strategist Robert Bowling then goes on to say “This is the most balanced Call of Duty experience ever… Map layout, speed of movement, perks, every area has been meticulously balanced. We listened to the fans. As such, there’s no longer a Commando perk, no Last Stand, no shotgun as a secondary weapon. And we’ve added in more choices to support a wider variety of play-styles than ever before”.

The thirst installment in the Modern Warfare series will include two new multiplayer game modes, ‘Kill Confirmed‘ and ‘Team Defender‘ will line up alongside the much loved ‘Free-for-All‘, ‘Team Deathmatch‘ and ‘Domination’. The game will feature 16 multiplayer maps to begin with, obviously there will probably be more released over time as downloadable content. ‘Kill Confirmed‘ will require you to collect the dog tags left behind from a ceased enemy, if your opposing team collects the dog tag from your recent victim, your kill will be denied. Not good news for Snipers, ‘Team Defender‘ is rather familiar to ‘Capture the Flag‘, one team must grab the flag and protect the carrier in order to increase their score.

Robert Bowling discusses the game’s Killstreak features, “In MW2 Killstreaks were basically optimised for Team Deathmatch play. In objective-based games there was no benefit for the player who wanted to focus on clearing objectives. To combat that we’ve changed Killstreaks to the Pointstreak system, which rewards diverse play styles. Now it isn’t just about kills: you earn points for assists, objectives and so on”. Players will be able to choose between three packages, these packages affect your pointstreaks in different ways. The Assault Strike package will award players with offensive bonuses such as helicopters, gun upgrades etc, Support Strike will offer support-style rewards such as SAM turrets, UAVs etc., Specialist Strike will simply reward players with new perks the further they go through a Pointstreak.

Modern Warfare 3 will also feature Facebook intergration, the details are not definite yet but it will definitely be in the mix. Smartphones are also likely to have a play in this much revamped Multiplayer mode. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will hit the UK on all major gaming platforms on the 8th of November, you can pretty much guarantee it’ll be the number one seller this Christmas, again.

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