Minecraft is Coming

So what is Minecraft i hear shout!! Well is a sandbox construction game, inspired, and created by Markus Persson; also known as Notch. This guy has managed to bring a brand new idea for a game into the market, one you will have never played before. Its a three dimensional environment. Made up of blocks that the player can mine, and build huge structures as far as their imagination takes them. There is also a multiplayer aspect that you can run a server and play together.

When people ask me “What is the point of Minecraft?”, i simply reply “there is no point, you build and create the game as you play”. I for one am hooked on this game, so far that i even pay to host my own Minecraft Server. The hours i have spent sitting in front of my Computer building huge structures from basic blocks of stone and wood; Oooh it is so much fun. The most common thing i am told by people, is that the game looks rubbish and the graphics are so bad. However that is the whole point; they are meant to be that way. Thats part of the enjoyment of the game, and the fact you can build as far as  your imagination takes you.

Notch has managed a ground breaking thing here, he very cleverly released the game in Alpha way back in June 2009 when he started taking preorders for the game. For a game that is still in development and undergoing countless updates, he has already sold 3,000,000 units. Its not even released now thats not bad money for a game that people say looks rubbish. It has started a cult following in the world of gaming.

Since he started he has had enough money to set up a company Mojang and make this game become what he always dreamed of. There are countless gameplay videos on youtube you can watch. I recommend the Yogcast, these guys are very funny and have a great adventure series ‘Shadow of Israphel’ . There is so much i could tell you about, but you will have to wait. Mojang have planned for it to be released in its final form around the 11th November 2011. This is not too far away and i for one cant wait.

It is scheduled for the Xbox, PC and Mac, and has already had a release on Sony’s Xperia Mobile. I will write a proper review once its released; until then i recommend you buy it while its cheap. You won’t regret it, you will be hooked. Oh and watch out for the Creepers, you will see what i mean. They scare the hell outa me !!

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