Dead Island: 1 week, 1 million copies

You may or may not be aware of Dead Island, a new first-person zombie-RPG that’s been receiving positive reviews recently. Well, it’s been selling well, very well in fact.

Today saw Deep Silver, the game’s publisher, come out with a press releasing informing everyone that the game has shipped over a million copies in its first week, with two million copies expect to be sold by the end of its second week.

Keep in mind that those numbers have been shipped to retailers and not sold to customers yet, although retailers wouldn’t be buying huge numbers like that for no reason now would they? So Dead Island is officially a commercial hit, which is outstanding for a game that’s not attached to a successful franchise.

Unfamiliar with Dead Island? Here’s what you need to know…

Dead Island is a game for the Left 4 Dead fans among us. If your pastime is throwing sharp objects into the forehead of a living dead person, then you’ll quite like this baby. It is a four-player co-operative zombie shooter that allows you just drop-in and drop-out at anytime, which is brilliant for getting help from a mate when your stuck. Dead Island takes place on an open, tropical holiday island, sounds familiar? This bad boy is what Lost should have looked like, you can go anywhere, do anything and kill as many zombies as you want, groovy.

Dead Island is available on the Xbox 360, PS3 and for your Microsoft Windows computer, but bear in mind that the PC version requires one hell of a good computer to run. Oh, more more thing, they’re making it into a film too. Crazy stuff.

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