GAME Group announces strategic partnership with OnLive

GAME, today announces a unique strategic partnership with OnLive, the cloud gaming pioneer that is expanding its innovative on-demand video game service from North America to the UK tomorrow.

As the first games retailer in the world to become a strategic launch partner for OnLive, GAME will introduce the OnLive Game Service to millions of customers in the UK and eventually across Europe and elsewhere, starting with GAME’s ecommerce sites and later this year.

OnLive’s products and digital service offerings will then be extended to the Group’s 615 UK stores and integrated with the Group’s popular loyalty schemes, the GAME Reward Card and gamestation Elite card.

The OnLive service is a revolutionary new concept in video games, instantly delivering the latest high-end games on demand through the Internet to virtually any device—TVs, PCs, Macs and soon iPad and Android tablets —regardless of its performance capabilities, with the simplicity of streaming video. Gamers can play top-tier titles from more than 50 different publishers with no console, no high-end hardware, no discs and no huge downloads: simply click and play. OnLive’s cloud-powered community features, such as massive spectating, Facebook integration, Brag Clip videos, and international voice chat, add unparalleled dimension to the social experience and are available free to OnLive members on both sides of the Atlantic. Full details of the UK service are announced by OnLive today.

Ian Shepherd, CEO of GAME Group said, “We are delighted to be partnering with OnLive. It will bring a totally new cloud based gaming platform to the UK customer. Through our websites and the teams in our stores, we will introduce the OnLive service to millions of customers and allow them to use cash and reward card points to buy games on OnLive. Today’s announcement demonstrates again GAME Group’s dedication to supporting innovation in gaming.”

Steve Perlman, Founder and CEO of OnLive, said, “GAME Group is an ideal strategic launch partner for OnLive in the UK, and we could not be more excited about the relationship. GAME has a close one-to-one connection with gamers in the UK, and OnLive provides a unique offering that, on the day of launch, reaches almost all gamers in the UK instantly through their broadband connection, whether on a TV, PC or Mac, and soon on iPad and Android tablets.

“OnLive will bring free instant demos to the, and if the player chooses, provide instant purchase and continued play of the videogame on OnLive through GAME’s loyalty currency or credit cards. After the demo gamers can alternately return to the GAME website to purchase the game on another platform, or learn more about it by and chatting with other players in OnLive’s massive spectating Arena. The OnLive-GAME relationship will bring an unprecedented level of choice, convenience and value for UK gamers, whether through the Internet or in a retail store.”

Find out more at and see the accompanying list of new and upcoming OnLive games.

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