A Pimp RPG Review

I had high hopes for A Pimp RPG, and my first ten minutes or so of game time were enjoyable, not.

A Pimp RPG, as you can probably guess, is an RPG in which you play a pimp. So far, so predictable. You, play Daddy K and, along with your ‘Hoes’ you attempt to take down the mayor of Oakland, for no particular reason other than you want to. Yes, that’s it, and you can’t get far enough into the game to complete that objective, but I’ll go into that later.

So seeing as the story is pretty non-existent (which can be OK for some games, but definitely not for an RPG) I looked to see if the game made up for it in other ways, perhaps graphically or by way of some funny audio. The short answer is no. It struck me pretty early on that this is clearly an amateur, low-budget and generally mediocre effort. The graphics are pretty nice considering it’s an Indie game, but unfortunately, they seem to be the only positive point for here.

The game’s battle system screams Final Fantasy, but unlike the worldwide JRPG-megahit, it just doesn’t work, in many ways. A great number of bugs tend to pop up quite regularly during fight scenes, some of which render the game unplayable and requie you to ultimately return to the Xbox Dashboard. When the battle system manages to keep away from the severe bugs, you quite often find yourself finding enemies that can only reply with the same simple attack, not very challenging at all.

A few quests into the game you are sent to find ‘Jo Flo in Peace Cemetery by the 238 and talk some sense into her’. Why? I don’t know. So there I go, off to find this Jo Flo, but upon arrival at the exact location, and after a while of searching, I find Jo Flo isn’t there at all. So there I was, stuck, and seemingly unable to continue the game. I’d like to say that I was quite sad about this, but I wasn’t. The game would have worked, and perhaps been quite enjoyable, if a few more weeks of development had been spent on it, not full-time weeks either, just the odd bug fix and improvement here and there would have made a big difference. The developer(s) quite obviously didn’t see the need to spend any extra time on it though, and, as a result, the lack of playtesting involved with this title is unfortunately evident in some major ways.

Overall, A Pimp RPG has a decent amount of potential, but due to an obvious lack of playtesting, bug fixing or general common sense, this title is a complete embarrasment and is not worth anyone’s time, not even for 80 Microsoft Points. Titles like this make a mockery out of the whole Xbox Live Indie system, seriously, I don’t think anyone can honestly say they found it enjoyable. Avoid this one like you would a man shouting to himself outside Tesco’s I’m afraid.

Bonus Stage Rating - Very Poor 2/10


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