Call Me Review

Call Me is an odd one. It’s not like the average Indie game you’ll pick up on the Xbox Live Marketplace. I’m not actually sure if you can call it a game, but it definitely is interesting.

Your objective, weirdly, is to chat up girls (five in fact). Every conversation starts with your approaching a girl at a bar and asking and answering a number of questions. Your main objective is to get them to like you, and if they do, you’ll progress to the next girl. Odd but weirdly addictive.

The graphics are very similar to those found in the Sims series of games, they’re nothing special but you can tell what they’re supposed to be. What’s very interesting about Call Me is how you can pretty much tell a girl’s personality from the way they look and dress. Of course, then you can tailor the conversation to suit their personality and eventually get them to like you and getting her phone number, or even getting her to come back with you. You dirty dog you.

The audio in Call Me is pretty much non-existent, you have a quiet and rather timid repetitive tune, very much like the one you can find in The Sims. The music doesn’t really put across the right atmosphere and doesn’t add anything much to the game in any way.

There’s a ‘Lessons’ mode which teaches you how to talk to women (yes, I know!) and then has help sections on how to spot different personalities like ‘The Talker’ and ‘The Romantic’. You can spot them by the way they talk, carry themselves, dress and even look.

Then you have the ‘My Personality’ mode which tells you about your personality based on your previous conversations with women. So you can be a Romantic, a Talker, Submissive or more. Crazy I know.

And that’s about all there is to talk about. Call Me is a bit of an oddity and it isn’t really clear what the aim of the game/application is. It appears well designed and thought out, but it just isn’t fun or particularly interesting, perhaps I’m missing something. I’m afraid this is one to avoid, pretty pointless and not worth your 80 Microsoft Points.

Bonus Stage Rating - Very Poor 2/10


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