Worms: Reloaded Puzzle, Forts, Retro & Time Attack DLC – PC Review

Over the years, Worms’ brand of humorous, cartoon warfare has seen it become a videogaming institution. Here, we take a look at the four most recent add-on packs that have been released as downloadable content for Worms: Reloaded.

Puzzle Pack

The blurb for this collection of puzzles claims that they are both mind-boggling and a challenge for even the most hardcore Wormers out there.  There are 20 missions, and far from being a taxing assignment, they range from the blindly simplistic to the mildly interesting.  The entire pack will easily be completed within a couple of hours, if that.

Occasionally, innovative use of Worms features makes you think about things in a slightly different way.  For instance, the use of the relatively new Worms addition, the magnet, which propels objects away from it.  Some of the puzzles are less of a puzzle, and more of an agility test, requiring button-tweaking adroitness, or incisive timing.  These really do little to add to the game’s claim as a puzzle title.

Despite these gripes, you will have some fun, and may even scratch your head for a few moments.  Unless of course you have lice, in which case you may end up scratching quite a bit more.  Out of all the Worms DLC, this is one of the better add-ons, so certainly consider it.

Score: 6/10

Forts Pack

I was expecting forts.  Big, awesome, complex forts, with multitudes of worms huddling in each base, attempting to flatten the enemy with expert aiming and selective weapon choices.  Instead I got a pile of spaghetti meatballs facing up against a wonky weather vane.  What an absolute pile of posterior waste.  A few haunted houses, a dinosaur, a tree…  They don’t even match the already poor Fort designs in the main game.  I would like to rename this add-on “Big Random Objects Floating On Water Pack”.

Worm placement is automatic, and unfortunately quite useless.  Half your worms will get lodged down awkward crevices, or on a distant overhung cliff with absolutely no way to launch an offensive.  Compounding this is the wind, which is no longer random.  The wind now blows ONLY against you, not towards the enemy.  Whilst this is useful for looping shots to pick off enemies behind cover, it also means that worms at the back of your base usually cannot make a single wind-based shot; they are reduced to operators of air-strikes or flying sheep.

This pack is lazy beyond belief.  Not only for the basic forts, but the fact it reuses all the those same forts over and over again rather than creating unique environments for each mission.  Plus the ‘missions’ are as imaginative as a concrete wall, and about as complex.  You would usually get a much better game by using the random terrain generator tool.  There is absolutely no excuse for such lack of effort.  Avoid at all costs!

Score: 3/10

Time Attack Pack

This pack initially showed promise by adding a new dimension to the Worms formula.  It builds on the idea of ninja rope racing, and adds in the jetpack, along with increasingly more complex environments through which to race.  The downside: it gets old far too quickly.  You don’t even get to beat imposed times to earn medals, which would add an element of challenge.  Instead you have as long as you want to complete each challenge, and don’t get disqualified for getting blown up, you just get a small time penalty.

Missions consist of just racing round a track, reaching a set objective, or collecting all the crates in as quick a time as possible. Rather than PC times to beat, there are online times from all the other players, so you can earn yourself a place on a an online scoreboard.  This was obviously designed as an idea to add some replay value to the pack.  However, unless you are one of the elite few Wormers skilled enough to compete for the top 10, then the leaderboards serve little more purpose than to highlight how ineffective you actually are.  This disillusionment shows when you see how few people actually bother to play through all the races.

This pack does serve as a mild diversion, but it is far from essential.

Score: 5/10

Retro Pack

This pack is oddly the pack I want to both praise and criticise more than all the other Worms DLC.  Negatives first.  These missions are not new, they are purely mission remakes from Worms Armageddon.  So they are basically selling you an old game all over again, but in the slightly shiner new Worms format.  Another sad indictment of the complete laziness and lack of imagination behind every one of these add-on packs.

The positive side, is that these missions are way above the puerile quality of most of the other packs.  Some genuine brainwork is required, and there is a much more unique approach to each mission, rather than hammering a singular concept time and time again.  Fun, frustration, and a true challenge are guaranteed.

So this boils down to whether you have already played Worms Armageddon.  If you have, then this is a useless waste of cash for you.  But if you have never sampled these delights before, then this should be your pack of choice out of all the Worms DLC.

Score: 7/10

Overall Conclusion

The overall quality of these add-on packs is not good.  They are, in general, substandard both in content and concept.  Each one has their own additional features such as voices, graves, hats and environments, but these are inessential little superfluities which attempt to bolster the weak main campaigns.

If you are hankering after more Worms content, then you can get some excellent free downloadable missions from the community, some of them being made to a very high standard.  In fact, one or two of the community offerings had more imagination and effort in a single mission than can be found in an entire campaign of the official DLC.  So ultimately, steer clear, unless your desire for our squishy pink garden superheroes is on a par with your tolerance for the bland.

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