The evolution of DC Universe Online

SOE’s comic book based MMO has had a rough time of it since launching back in January. The mixed reception put a lot of subscribersoff and the way I see it, people are only going to pay £10 a month for nothing less than… World of Warcraft. “Fear not!” – exclaim Sony, “For I will use my powers of technical wizardry to solve these issues!”.

Hmmm… Gotham is rather quiet tonight Robin!

Shazam… Master Servers. The core issues with the game was simply the population, and Sony were on it like ugly on an ape. With the implementation of Master Servers, DCUO’s population sky rocketed from a consistent ‘Low’ to a gargantuan… ‘Medium’. This was a good start, but the denizens of the now medium populated cities of Metropolis and Gotham stirred with unease. Sony lumped all the servers into just two; one PvE and one PvP, yet the population is maxed at medium? This calls for desperate measures as SOE’s only remaining gadget in the utility belt was the gadget they must’ve misplaced before January. “Ohhh! There’s my Free-to-Play device!”

Boom… free-to-play is announced on September 19, and with it will come a lot of changes to DCUO. Good or bad will remain to be seen, but one thing is for sure; this is Sony’s last chance to revive its failing MMO. DC is a great brand, it doesn’t deserve to be devoured and excreted in less than a year. Besides, I love DCUO… anyone else? No? Whatever.

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