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You know when a genre of game is successful when Sony releases their own offering. Enter DanceStar Party, yes, this is obviously a dancing game in the vein of We Dance and Just Dance, and since it’s Sony we have come to expect a certain level of gaming goodness, and it’s my pleasure to inform you that DanceStar Party delivers. In a crowded marketplace full of these games I believe Sony can hold their heads high and be happy with their offering.

The controls are simple as pie here, just hold the Move controller in your hand and you’re away. The opening trailer video of this game shows you just what is possible and gives the game a real party feeling, after all that is the whole point. In the main menu you have loads of options to choose from. Dance Now is where you can take part in Solo, Battle and Co-cp dancing. Party mode is for 2 to 20 players – yes, up to 20 players at one time, but you will need one hell of a big hall for that one though. Next is the Dance Studio mode in which you can create your own routines using the Playstation Eye camera and take part in practise classes, while the Dance Workout mode is where you will work up such a sweat it’s unreal.

DanceStar Party, DanceStar, DanceStar Party Review, Playstation 3, PS3, PlayStation Move, Game, Review, Reviews,

A nice feature of Dancestar Party is the ability to get more songs by connecting to the PlayStation Network where you can download them. My favourite option, however, is the gallery. Here you can view the highlights of the videos you have saved of yourself dancing. It’s hilarious to see yourself dancing on the screen and I loved how silly it made me look.

What’s great about Dancestar Party is the shear variety offered from the songs. There are 40 to choose from and these range from the up to date artists like Lady GaGa and Tinie Tempah to New Kids on the Block (Yes, you read that right) and Kool and The Gang, Elton John and Diana Ross. It’s great that Sony have done this as it truly opens the door to all ages here not just the key demographic. What’s more, as already mentioned, you can download more tunes from the PSN.

The game also gives you the option of choosing a beginner, intermediate or professional level to dance at. There is also the option to play the full song or a cut down version. The PlayStation Eye captures what’s going on perfectly and recognises your movements very accurately. I really liked the fact that the person you are following on screen is a real person, so you can accurately see the movements they make and try to mimic them. Other games have animations, but I really think watching real person is much better. During your dancing, the PlayStation Eye also automatically records you at certain points of the song, making it hassle free once you finished to see the video and save it.

DanceStar Party, DanceStar, DanceStar Party Review, Playstation 3, PS3, PlayStation Move, Game, Review, Reviews,

The Dancing Partner option is very fun, allowing you to take part in two player co-op dances where the choreography is done to perfection and there’s even the chance to try some special moves. It’s really a party game and this is the best mode to show off and try out with friends. The Dance Studio is also another great addition, if you’re feeling brave enough you can devise your own perfectly ghastly routines and share them with others. Sony have also allowed the users not only to save their videos but to upload them onto the PSN so they can be videwed by everyone. Be warned though, there are some very good and some very bad examples here.

Overall, simply put, Dancestar Party is very fun. You can dance away  for ages and show everyone what you have done. This is a great game for the whole family as the variety of song choices adds a lot. The Move controls are perfectly recognised and the PlayStation Eye captures everything well, although it could have been just a little bit sharper. If you want a game that will get you dancing, make you feel good, burn calories and generally have a party, DanceStar Party is it. Get your dancing shoes on and show the world what you’ve got.

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