Mercury Hg: Heavy Elements – PS3 Review

Not long ago, I reviewed a very nice game called Mercury Hg that’s currently available on the PlayStation Network. It was a great game in which you played a blob of Mercury that needs guiding around a maze world. It was a really fun experience with many rewarding aspects to its gameplay and tons of collectibles. The music was a great, hard-hitting techno soundtrack, and now, Ignition Entertainment has released a new downloadable content pack called Heavy Elements.

The premise of thegame is very simple, you lead a ball of Mercury around a maze filled with tones of traps and pitfalls. This game is a great mix of speed and mental agility. You need to think of ways to navigate the borderless edges of the various levels. To add spice to the gameplay, the balls of Mercury can change colour when they pass over certain points.

You must use these different colours to pass through certain gates. Some gates can only be passed through when a mix of colours is obtained, so you must spilt up your Mercury ball and navigate two balls at the same time then fuse them together and get the colour needed. There are other traps including teleporters, moving platforms and spikes that cut your blob of metal.

The controls system is very easy; simply guide the ball around using one analogue stick and use the other stick to shift the camera so you can see what you’re doing better. The ball responds perfectly to the movements you make and having good control over your nerves is key here. The graphics are lovely and bright and the ball looks special.

This new DLC unlocks all the heavy metals of the periodic table, giving you  30 new levels to the game. That’s a huge amount for a DLC pack and Ignition Entertainment deserve great credit for really provided value for money. There are also three new trophies and achievements to get and the levels are very well designed meaning you rarelyget frustrated. It’s not too hard and it’s not too easy becuase the levels are so well made. Since there are 60 levels in the main game this 30 level pack is like getting half the game for a smaller price. They should take around two hours to complete, which is not bad for a DLC pack, I think you will agree.

The music is typically techno-driven and sounds very nice, it really makes you rush around and feel under pressure. It adds to the speed of the game as well as the excitement. I also love the way the screen pulsates to the beat of the music, and the game’s audio really adds to the overall feel of the game and brings the entire package together.

Overall, this DLC pack is very good value for money. It gives you an extra 30 levels for a fraction of the price, as well as new trophies and achievements. The gameplay is the same as the original and since that was great nothing new is needed in that department. The music is heart pumping and fast. If you loved Mercury Hg then I highly recommend this DLC. Let the metals roll.

Score: 8/10 – Very Good

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