Start The Party! Save The World! – PS3 Review

As we get closer to Christmas, some of you may be planning a party or two and trying to think of some games that may entertain a group for a period of time. Start the Party: Save the World is one such game trying to vie for a position in your holiday get-together. The good news is you only need one Playstation Move to play so that’s definitely a good (and cheap) way to get the party started! The main issue for Start the Party: Save the World, however, is whether it is anything other than party fodder or if it is indeed a party starter!

There are 20 or so games to get to grips with that range from grabbing objects and throwing them, to shooting things and waving the remote and bashing whatever is on screen. Luckily, this is all achievable through the Playstation Move which makes life a lot easier. Imagine if you had to do it with the DualShock controller?!? It’s all set within an augmented reality where Dr Terrible is causing chaos and the only way to stop him is to take part in the mini-games. It’s an attempt to try to add a coherent, if crazy, plot to the proceedings, but it’s nothing more than a very short distraction.

There are a couple of ways to play Start the Party: Save the World. There is a Quick Play option which just lets you play the mini-games one by one. There is a Survivor mode where the games keep coming as long as you play them successfully and keep the points rolling. A friend can also jump into a Start the Party: Save the World mini-game via the DualShock controller, although this isn’t much fun really compared to the main game. Your friend is only able to do a simple task, but at least they have a choice to help or hinder your attempt (although it’s more fun to hinder). You can set Start the Party! up so that four players can play; the first player plays a mini-game, then the next player plays the same game trying to beat the previous player’s score. There is also a Party mode where you get to play a set number of games before a winner is declared. Unfortunately, in this current climate of party games, Start the Party: Save the World does not possess a satisfactory amount of modes to keep you interested for a few hours let alone a few weeks/months. There is simply not enough depth.

The Playstation Move works really well with Start the Party: Save the World. All the games are easy to control and there were no noticeable control issues. Whether you’re grabbing items, scrubbing robots or drawing clouds, it’s all very easy to do and quite a simple process. The games themselves are not very taxing as you are usually only required to replicate one action over and over again, to begin with each mini-game is enjoyable, but after the third or fourth go you run out of reasons to carry on playing besides going for the high score. One function to note is that you are able to take a picture of yourself and put it on your character; you are also able to record your voice. Again, it’s another novelty process which wears out very quickly.

Start the Party: Save the World contains very bubbly and colourful graphics that fit the action-orientated approach, although some of the mini-games, such as the ones set in space, do have very bland backgrounds. The voiceover is very comic-like, which again fits in with the general ambience of Start the Party: Save the World. The whole design is geared towards a younger audience which makes Start the Party: Save the World very easy to navigate through.

Start the Party: Save the World is a series of fun but short mini-games that will entertain for a few minutes here and there but suffers from a serious lack of longevity. The games themselves are fun to begin with but offer no reason to go back unless you want to beat the high score, which you probably set in the first place, or simply waste a few minutes with friends. Due to the fact its appeal is so limited and there’s hardly any longevity, Start the Party: Save the World is a below average party starter which would struggle to get onto most dancefloors because there are simply better games out there which are more deserving of you and your friends’ time.

Score: 5/10 – Average

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