South Park – Millionaire? Special Edition – Xbox Live Arcade Review

If you want to get a gist of what the core Who Wants to be a Millionaire game is about, please check out my full review here. For all those contemplating their first add on, please keep reading.

Unlike the lower priced but incredibly barebones Movie Edition that does little more than introduce 600+ movie related questions to the package, the South Park edition feels like it truly embraces the potential of the Who Wants to be a Millionaire: Special Editions DLC system. Easily found in the main menu after download, once fired up, this mode delivers unique South Park avatars and an audience drawn in the classic South Park style. The rest of the set remains the same and that bloody host still delivers all the questions, but beyond delivering 600+ South Park related questions from series 1 – 15, the distinctive visuals and classic South Park quotes do a great job of bringing something unique to the traditional Who Wants to be a Millionaire gameplay.

Each show is framed by a brief scene of Kenny, Cartman, Kyle and Stan settling down to watch the show before the camera very smoothly zooms into the set itself. With your chosen South Park avatar then taking the hot seat, the game falls into its traditional format, albeit with nowt but South Park related trivia.

As a huge fan of South Park, getting a chance to test my knowledge of the show proved hugely addictive and is obviously a sign of what can be achieved by these unique DLC add-ons. It’s a shame that your avatar isn’t based on any of the actual characters and it’s certainly disappointing that you can’t create your own, but the kids available for selection are all home to those traditional South Park mannerisms, and despite the show’s reputation for the crude, are all suitably adorable.

If you’re a fan of South Park and fancy testing your knowledge of the show, I can’t imagine a better setting to do it. It may be a tad steep at 400MS Points, but with the unique visual touches that accompany this download, it feels a lot more substantial than the traditional genre packs and certainly adds a unique twist to the well worn formula.

Score: 7/10 – Good

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