Who Wants To Be A Movie Millionaire? – Xbox Live Arcade Review

If you want to get a gist of what the core Who Wants to be a Millionaire game is about, please check out my full review here. For all those contemplating their first add on, please keep reading.

Unlike the South Park add-on that delivers unique characters and some nice visual flourishes to help it stand out from the core Who Wants to be a Millionaire experience, you get no such niceties with the Movie Pack. For those hoping for a movie-themed set or some cool movie star avatars, only disappointment awaits. This Movie Pack delivers the exact same experience as the traditional show with the only difference being the obvious commitment to movie-based questions.

In fairness, the Movie Pack is only 240MS Points (in comparison to South Park’s 400MS Points), so the barebones presentation is certainly easier to bear, but there is no doubt that the lack of effort on display here does make for a rather disappointing add-on. The 600+ collection of movie related questions are all pretty decent with a solid mix of current and classic questions to get through, but it’s still a shame that nothing has been done to differentiate it from the core experience. Sure, it’s cheaper, but if I had the option between this for 240MS Points and a bells and whistles edition for an additional 120MS Points, I would take the more expensive option every time.

Movie fans will inevitably lap it, but I have no doubt that they, just like me, will find it very hard to shift that overriding sense of disappointment at what is clearly a missed opportunity.

Score: 5/10 – Average

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