Casting Call – Uncharted: Fillion’s Fortune?

With Nathan Burger of Limitless fame due to take over directing duties on the upcoming Uncharted movie from the previously announced David O. Russel, it looks like casting options for Paramount’s big 2013 blockbuster are once again up in the air……and I for one couldn’t be happier.

If you didn’t already know, David O. Russel planned to cast Mark bloody Whalberg as Nathan Drake. Now, while I won’t go as far as to say that Mark Whalberg is devoid of talent, his track record as a leading man is suspect at best and while he often excels in gritty, realistic roles, the majority of his more fantastical endeavours have ended in tears (case in point: Max Payne, Planet of the Apes, The Happening….I could go on). More importantly however, despite your views on Marky Marks’ acting talents, the fact of the matter is, if there is any justice in the world, only one man should ever be considered for the role of the charming, casually tucked in, Nathan Drake.

Honestly, if Nathan Fillion isn’t cast as Nathan Drake, he might as well just give up on acting. Beyond sharing the same Christian name (surely a sign), the fact that they both look and sound the same really should seal the deal. If you’re not aware of Nathan Fillion’s work or require confirmation of his credentials or of his suitability for the role, just check out the rather brilliant Serenity (or Firefly) for proof positive. If you don’t think he’s the guy to play Nathan Drake after watching those then….then, well, you’re an idiot!

Seriously though, if Paramount want to win over the gaming public early doors, I can’t stress enough just how positive an impact his hiring would have on the entire project. I’m not saying it would win over every Uncharted fan from the off, but you can be damned sure that the internet chat pre-release would be a damn site more positive than if Mark Whalberg was given the job.

As for the rest of the cast, well, while I would argue that their casting isn’t nearly as important to the movies’ overall potential appeal as Drake’s, I do hear that Bruce Campbell is in line to play Victor Sullivan. While he certainly wasn’t the first actor that came to mind for the role, now that the name is up there, I honestly can’t imagine a finer piece of casting. He may not look the part in the same way that Nathan Fillion does, but the thought of Fillion and Campbell up on screen together for a big budget Uncharted movie does make me feel all warm and tingly inside. If Fillion’s casting is enough to win over the doubters, Bruce “Evil Dead” Campbell being cast as Victor would certainly send the majority of geeks into flat out fangasm mode.

In the case of the ladies of the Uncharted universe, if Paramount plan on writing Chloe Frazer and the adorable Elena Fisher into the plot (why wouldn’t they?), as much as I would love to see the original voice actress, Emily Rose in the role of Elena, I think they would certainly go for a bigger name with perhaps Elisha Cuthbert, or God forbid, Scarlett Johansen chosen for the role. Personally, I’d happily see Elisha Cuthbert as Elena as she’s not nearly as try hard as the ever pouting Scarlett Johansen.

In the case of Chloe, well, that’s a trickier one but I’d go with either Gemma Arterton (if they go young) or, Lena Heady from The Sarah Connor Chronicles (if they go more mature). Either way, I think they’d be onto a winner, but if I had it my way, I’d love to see Lena Heady in the role. I think she would prove an infinitely more natural love interest for Drake and certainly a more believable tough girl.

So, what do you think? Agree with the choices made or are you in the Whalberg camp? Whatever your thoughts, send them on a postcard to…..actually, just type them below. That’d be more convenient for everyone involved.

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