Gemini Rue Review

Gemini Rue

Gemini Rue is a dark, film-noir adventure with a gripping story about betrayal and the search for a new identity. It’s a new title from the small indie studio Wadjet Eye Games, which was founded in 2006. They have developed a good reputation for producing award-winning and critically acclaimed adventure series for the PC. They bring old school adventures back to the 21st century.

So let me tell you a bit about the story line. Former Mafia killer turned law enforcer, Azeriel Odin, is led to the rain soaked planet Barracus on a quest to rescue his brother. Before he knows it Azeriel finds himself knee-deep in trouble having cut deals with a local crime syndicate. Meanwhile, a man by the name of Delta-6 awakens without memory in a research facility at the other end of the galaxy. Its leader forces Delta-6 and all other inmates to take part in a series of strange tests. Any resistance leads to the repeated obliteration of their memory. Delta-6 has to find a way to escape, but who can he trust? This is where you begin your adventure. You are invited into a world of adventure; it feels almost like you are playing in a ‘Blade Runner’ universe like the film. You don’t have a clue what’s going on and need to find out.

Gemini Rue

The graphics are very old school here. They have been made by Wadjet Eye Games after all. This game reminds and shows us that graphics don’t make a game. In this modern age, developers seem to think that if they have the best graphics then that will sell their game in the millions. This is not the case, if you look at old game they often had pretty shoddy graphics, but they were great fun. This is what Wadjet Eye Games tries to bring back.

Gemini Rue is a testament to this style. If you were one of the lucky ones to be born in the 80’s then you will love the game. The music and audio is all very well put together. We have real spoken dialogue for everyone you meet. The controls are simple too. You just right click on what you want to interact with and select how you want to interact.

Basically, this game is old school, and I like it. There is, however, something very odd that I can’t believe they did. You cannot make this game appear in full screen. There are no options, thus you are forced to play Gemini Rue in windowed mode. This means you don’t feel as immersed in its world as well as you would if it were full screen. I don’t quite understand why they would do this. It’s a very strange thing to leave out, and one of the first things a beta tester would point out, surely.

So to round things off, this game is great fun. If you are looking for a great adventure game and love the old style point-n-click adventure games, Gemini Rue will satisfy you. It’s a well thought out story line and does keep you glued to your PC for a good number of hours. However, it does have its bad points. As with most adventure games, you will often find yourself wondering round for ages trying to work out your next move while trying to avoid using Google to cheat. Also, as I have already pointed out, the one thing that causes it to loose points is the lack of full screen gameplay. Don’t let this put you off trying it though.

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