Borderlands 2 will have infinite level progression

Gearbox Software have announced Borderlands 2’s Badass system which is set to take levelling-up in a video game to whole new, er, levels.

Badass will be linked to your player profile and the more you play Boarderlands 2 the more you’ll level it up gaining tokens along the way that can be used to increase your characters stats. Gearbox head, Randy Pitchford, seems, quite rightly, very excited about the whole idea saying that, as far as he’s aware, it’s the first system in a game that allows both character and player profile growth at the same time without any sort of cap. He’s already predicting dedicated players with Badass levels reaching into the thousands as the company strive to make Borderlands 2 into a hobby that people will continue to indulge in for years.

Borderlands 2 is due out in September this year. For more on the game, visit it’s official site, here:

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