FIFA Premiership Predict-o-rama – Week 2

Each week, I’m going head-to-head with EA Sports’ FIFA football game to see whose better at predicting the Premiership fixtures.

The rules are simple: every weekend, FIFA and I will be attempting to predict the outcome of six English Premier League games (for simplicity’s sake they’ll be the half dozen from the Sky Sports Soccer Saturday Super 6 game). Five points are awarded if you predict the outcome of a match exactly right (e.g. you say Arsenal will beat Chelsea 2-0 and they do). Two point if you get the result right but the score wrong (e.g. you say Arsenal and Chelsea will draw 2-2 and they actually draw 1-1). Until FIFA 13 is released on the 28th of September, I’ll be using FIFA 12 with the squads and starting XI’s as close as possible to reality.

After what can only be described as a disastrously embarrassing opening week for me (unsurprisingly, considering how bad I am at this, I didn’t see that coming), the current scores are: FIFA: 7, Me: 2.

Alright, so let’s move swiftly with our predictions for the week 1 matches:

Aston Villa v Everton

James: It’s still early days, but Aston Villa look worryingly lightweight while Everton look like a beast that, for once, hasn’t gone in to hibernation for the first half of the season. 1-2 to Everton.

FIFA: A tight game this one that ends all square. 1-1.

Man Utd. v Fulham

James: Rumours of United’s demise are seriously premature. Fulham were hugely impressive at home last week, as they often are, but they’re a much easier prospect on the road and their record at Old Trafford is less than encouraging. Expect United to bounce back in style. 3-1 to Man Utd.

FIFA: There was only one side in this game as Man Utd and their wealth of attacking options sweep the Cottagers aside. 3-0 to Man Utd.

Norwich v QPR

James: An extremely nervous one this after both teams found themselves on the wrong end of a spanking on the first weekend. It’s amazing the difference in perception between having 1 point after two games and having none. 1-1.

FIFA: A slight surprise here as Norwich dominated the play but QPR won it with two goals on the break. 1-2 to QPR.

Southampton v Wigan

James: Both sides were impressive in defeat last week. I just see home advantage giving the Saints the edge. 2-0 to Southampton.

FIFA: A right ding-dong battle with a bucvkload of goals and some huge missed chances to win it. 2-2.

Sunderland v Reading

James: Reading were really unlucky at Chelsea on Wednesday night. But a second tough away game in only a handful of days will be too much. 3-0 to Sunderland.

FIFA: Sunderland scored early on and then held on under increasing Reading pressure. 1-0 to Sunderland.

Tottenham v West Brom

James: A great win for the Baggies last week against Liverpool, but they get brought down to earth with a serious bump here. 3-0 to Tottenham.

FIFA: For once, FIFA and I are in agreement that this is going to be a one-sided affair. 3-0.

So there you have it. Enjoy the football, see you next week.

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