Brashcast: Episode 1 – A Life of Gaming

BrashcastBrashcast is finally here.

Liam and Ross’s awkward first date provides insight into their gaming histories and a clear indication that plans are meant to be broken.

Videogames, movies, even a bit of comic book chat, if you have any interest in geek culture, Brashcast has got your back.

Oh, one more thing, this podcast is home to some rather colourful language, so, you know……give something else a try if you’re not a fan of good natured cursing.

Enjoy on iTunes!!!

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  • David

    Dude 13 really I had so much respect till then 🙁 but I agree 10 was the downfall the voices acting then 11 was a flop 12 was tactics with rpg not bad but the story was lame then 12 flop rebuilt within a few months and 13 with its 13 – 14 hour tutorial oft lost odyssey got away with it because its awesome but 13 failed in my eyes 13-2 was a step back to the old style which I personally liked.. rant over great pod cast guys, when’s the next one?

  • Ha ha, I know…..I must be the only person who genuinely loved that game. Thanks for listening to the pod…..hope you have enjoyed the others.