Brashcast: Episode 5 – Diagnosing Wayne Rooney

BrashcastLiam and Ross blame cats for everything, discuss why Sony are still doing everything wrong *cough – PS3 Super Slim – cough* and fear for the creation of a modern day Ring in which videotape is replaced by Kinect and little girls ghosts are replaced by Milo with a German accent. Truly terrifying.

Pro Evo 2013 vs FIFA, why the Vita has only sold two copies and the very first Liam’s Secret Treat For the Week segment…..complete with a beautiful jingle from the boy Ross himself.

As always, Brashcast has something for everyone, and as always, is chock full of bad language, so please, if you are a sensitive soul, you’d probably be better off with a more family friendly podcast. Remember though, if you listen or you don’t, downloading this off iTunes only takes a minute or two…..just saying.


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