Brashcast: Episode 6 – A Spare 5 Minutes

BrashcastRoss is off gallivanting somewhere in the Highlands this week, but fear not faithful listener as we have not one, but two very ‘special’ guests in the form of Chris Gregerson and Euan MacNeish……Yeah, you heard that right, Chris and Euan!

Considering they know basically jack sh*t about videogames, this is an understandable movie centric episode, but with high brow debate on playing videogames on the toilet, why Adele should cheer up and the importance of taking a 5 minute break……10 times a day, Brashcast Episode 6 once again has something for everyone.

So, sit back, relax, and let our silky smooth voices take you away to that special place.

Oh, also, please do check us out on iTunes and, if you like what you hear, hit us up on Twitter at @Brashcast.

P.S. as always, please be warned, naughty language comes far to naturally to us……far to naturally.


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