Brashcast: Episode 8 – Snoop Dogg: Games Be Pimp, Yo!

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BrashcastRoss has Super Aids this week, so sorry if he sounds a bit poorly, but hey, you didn’t have to visit his plague den did you?…..did you!? Think about that before you go complaining about sh*t!

Anyway, other than that unpleasantness, it’s all systems go as usual –

How great would it be if Snoop Lion…..yeah, I prefer Lion… great would it be if he reviewed videogames? Is Resident Evil 6 being unfairly criticised due to expectations and additional content? How about movies? Yeah, they’re good, and we talk about them too.

Hey, you’re already here, you might as well have a listen, but what’s that? You haven’t downloaded us on iTunes? Sort your life out sunshine.

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