Brashcast: Episode 11 – The Sex Episode

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BrashcastSooooo, where to start this week? Well, an apology would probably be as good place as any considering this podcast will most likely offend just about everybody who listens to it………I’m especially sorry if you happen to be a half Japanese, half Jewish lawyer……or just Japanese for that matter.

Needless to say, there are an unspeakable number of truly horrid Japan impressions from folk who really should know better.

Oh yeah, the sex thing – Liam, Ross, Just Dave and newbie, the one and only Bobby Dickson (you can tell he’s new as most of his responses are visual rather than verbal), talk briefly on the sexualisation and objectification of females in the videogame industry while also pointing out some of the shining lights for competent, strong female charachter design…….then we end up being sexist…….a lot. We don’t mean it – we’re just idiots.

Seriously though, dig below all of the unspeakably filthy language and you might just find a real discussion on a very important topic to be found…….you just have to listen really hard for it.

Anywho, as always, please don’t listen if you’re easily offended……especially this week.

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