Brashcast: Episode 12 – Review Score Rant

BrashcastThis week, we discuss the disappointing UK arcade scene (what the f**k happened to the London Trocadero?), and after 3 ‘specials’ in a row, we finally get around to talking about the raft of new releases currently flooding the market.

Liam goes on a rant against some of the questionable reviews doing the rounds and, Episode VII? Yeah, we heard about it too……director, writer, potential time lines; it’s ll covered here.

Oh, there is also the matter of Ross falling asleep…….the fu**er actually falls asleep. Don’t let that put you off though – while Ross passing briefly into the land of nod isn’t the greatest advertisment for Brashcast, the poor sod had just worked for something silly like 18 hours straight.

I forgot to mention; when Ross isn’t Podcasting, he’s to be found working his fingers to the bone in a Burmese sweater shop.

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