Gameboy Micro was a thing.

I was just on Ebay there a few weeks ago looking at useless junk… you know how it is. I collected all the game systems I ever wanted except the Gameboy Advance, so I naturally set my sights on the handhelds price range. I had money to burn baby, about £30 to be precise. Ah yeah, ya’ll be hatin’.

Then up pops the Gameboy Micro and I suddenly realised – Gameboy Micro was a thing. I vaguely remember it back in 2005 in the run-up to the DS launch. Even then though, I didn’t really know what it was. To be honest, I do recall thinking it played downloaded or inbuilt games, but surely not Gameboy Advance games!? It was only the size of an NES controller! Next stop – Wikipedia… I’ll be damned! Well if it isn’t a little miniature Gameboy Advance! Needless to say, it was bought. And in pink, no less.

Since then, I’ve been getting brilliant use out of the little tyke whilst travelling back and forth from Glasgow. It has a dazzlingly bright screen, a fantastic d-pad and a satisfactory battery life for such a small form factor. It’s dumbfounding to think that Nintendo, after engineering such an impressively portable handheld with a sleek design to boot, proceeded to unleash the original DS, which looked like it was designed by me… a kitchen fitter.

Did anyone pick up one of these beauties near launch despite it being totally overshadowed by the DS? What did you think? Have you still got it? Is it any colour other than pink? Would you consider trading it for a pink one? The bigger kids poke fun at me…

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  1. Liam March 5, 2013
  2. Liam March 5, 2013